3 reasons your credit card applications keep getting rejected


Here’s what to do if you keep signing up for credit cards and issuers keep saying no.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of great credit card offers that come with perks like great rewards programs and signup bonuses. But what if you keep asking for new credit cards to be rejected? This is certainly disheartening and can prevent you from enjoying the benefits that credit cards offer. This is why it is important to understand the reason why this keeps happening. Here are some reasons why a credit card issuer might deny your request.

1. Your credit score is not high enough

Some credit card companies are more flexible than others when it comes to credit score requirements. To be clear, there are many credit card offers available for applicants whose credit scores might require work. But some offers are really only applicable to consumers with very good credit. If you want to open the door to more credit cards, you should consider increasing your credit score.

How can you do that? Paying your bills on time will help you a lot, as your payment history has more weight than any other factor in calculating your credit score. You can also increase your score by paying off some existing credit card debt and correcting errors on your credit report that may work against you, for example, overdue bills you have already paid.

2. You don’t have a long credit history

Some credit card issuers may be reluctant to approve applicants who do not have a strong credit history. Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can do much about. If you’re in your early twenties and only had one job and had your own bills to pay for a year, it stands to reason you won’t have the same credit history as a person in their early thirties.

Still, there are ways to build credit fast. One thing you can do is apply for a secured credit card. You can also apply to become an authorized user on a parent’s credit card account. Once that happens, you can start to benefit from that person’s strong payment history.

3. Your income is not high enough

Different credit cards have different income requirements. If you’re new to the workforce and aren’t making a lot of money, or working only part-time, you might have a hard time qualifying for some cards.

Increasing your income could open the door to approving a card that you really want. If you work part-time, try to increase your hours to keep your pay up. And if you’re already working full time, you might want to consider taking care of them. Income from your second job will count towards your total income for credit card approval purposes.

Rejecting your credit card applications can be a big blow. If this happens to you, try working on the items above and see if things change for the better. You can also search for different credit cards and see the credit score requirements that come with them. This could save you the hassle of applying for jobs you probably won’t qualify for, and help you focus your efforts on the cards you’re most likely to be approved for.


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