Catriona Carey, charged with mortgage fraud, has warned that a warrant for her arrest will be issued if she does not appear in court for car raps


Mortgage scam accused Catriona Carey has been warned that a warrant will be issued for her arrest if she does not appear in court next week on driving charges.

Carey, who allegedly cheated thousands of dollars from heartbroken homeowners, is accused of driving without insurance and without a driver’s license.


Catriona Carey is due in court next week or faces arrestCredit: RTE
The scammer failed to appear in court several times


The scammer failed to appear in court several timesCredit: ©

The former Irish hockey star was due to appear in Kilkenny District Court today over motor raps.

But after Carey failed to show up, Judge Geraldine Carthy issued a warning that she must show up Monday morning or face a warrant for her arrest.

Judge Carthy said: ‘She is due to appear before me at 10.30am on Monday or a warrant for her arrest will be issued.’

The judge issued the arrest warrant threat after Gardai pointed out how Carey repeatedly failed to show up in relation to the driving charges.

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A defense attorney told the court that Carey had been in contact with his office via email on Monday.

But the lawyer added that there appeared to be some confusion over who was representing her.

The court heard Carey was set to face new driving charges on Monday.

Carey was previously charged with driving without insurance or a license on Dec. 10 in a 2020 BMW 420.

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The scammer – who has previous convictions for theft, a dodgy invoice and wrongly claimed VAT – has already racked up penalty points on his license for speeding and driving while holding a mobile phone.

The 43-year-old was disqualified for a period of six months between November 2021 and May 2022.

The heavy beatings come as cops step up their investigation into Carey’s mortgage racket.


Dozens of victims of his alleged mortgage fraud have filed complaints with the gardai.

Officers from the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau recently broke into a property in Co Wexford and seized the disgraced Carey’s BMW.

They also recovered documents detailing financial transactions, bank statements and other files.

Gardai will also review its mobile devices to identify its interactions with individuals who have complained to Gardai.

Victims of the alleged fraudster hope she will soon be arrested by the cops.

Carey allegedly defrauded distraught landlords out of thousands of dollars, with the victims hoping to sue her over unreturned mortgage deposits.

Retailer Colin Finnegan, 53, – who gave Carey a €15,000 deposit – said: “I think the Gardai are waiting until they have all their eggs in one basket before they move.

“They will only get one chance in their investigation and no one wants to see her walk away without justice.”


Carey, who previously played hockey for Ireland and camogie for his native Kilkenny, reportedly pocketed thousands in a scam that preyed on families under pressure in financial difficulty and at risk of losing their homes.

The ex-international sports star met with struggling households, telling potential clients she was in the business of buying distressed mortgages from banks on the cheap.

The accountant told the victims that her company, Careysfort Asset Estates – which is registered in England – would buy their debt from their lender at a discount and then resell the debt at a lower price.

But to take advantage of the deal, Carey’s company wanted money up front as a deposit – usually between 10% and 30% of the new loan offered.

Already in dire financial straits, many victims have borrowed from family, friends or the credit union.

Carey requested that the deposit be paid in cash for some, and for others the deposit had to be wired to a Careysfort Asset Estates account in Belgium or Germany.

sucked into the scheme

But devastated households close to repossessing their family homes have now told how they lost thousands of dollars after being sucked into the scheme.

Victims say none of them have received their final contracts and Careysfort Asset Estates still has customer deposits.

The amounts vary between €5,000 and €60,000, but most had paid €15,000 to €35,000.

Carey has previous convictions under the Theft and Fraud Offenses Act.

She was convicted in February 2020 of theft of €6,948 and of forging a check from a hairdresser in Kilkenny who hired her as an accountant.

Carey received an eight-month suspended prison sentence.

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The former Irish hockey ace was also fined €1,500 in 2008 after he knowingly or willfully submitted an incorrect invoice to Revenue.

And she was further found guilty of claiming the VAT to which she was not entitled, the offenses having taken place in 2006.

Carey allegedly swindled heartbroken landlords out of thousands of dollars


Carey allegedly swindled heartbroken landlords out of thousands of dollars
Carey is accused of driving without insurance and without a driver's license


Carey is accused of driving without insurance and without a driver’s licenseCredit: Sportsfile – Subscription
She was due to appear in Kilkenny District Court


She was due to appear in Kilkenny District CourtCredit: Garrett White – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin

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