Credit despite parental leave


Do you dream of getting married, building a house and starting your own family? Then you feel the same way as many other people. Of course, family planning is not just a matter of the heart, but also a question of money. After the birth of a child, one parent usually stays at home – either for a short time or forever.

In the first year after birth, you receive parental allowance, which is 67 percent of your last salary. Then you have to decide whether you want to return to your old job or stay at home with your family. Of course, money is sometimes scarce during parental leave, so that large purchases fall by the wayside. If you still urgently need money, you can take out a loan despite parental leave.

Credit despite parental leave – what are the obstacles?

Credit despite parental leave - what are the obstacles?

Probably the biggest problem is the fact that banks don’t recognize parental allowance as income. In principle, they value it like unemployment benefits, sickness benefits and other social benefits, with which you are also not creditworthy. The reason for this is that parental allowance is only paid for one year and you may not be able to return to your old job. If the parental allowance is no longer applicable, it can be difficult to repay the loan. You will have less difficulties with the loan despite parental leave if your partner earns enough and can repay the monthly installments alone if necessary. Collateral such as owning a house or appointing a guarantor is also very advantageous in order to increase your own credit opportunities.

Credit despite parental leave – the best provider is just a click away

Credit despite parental leave - the best provider is just a click away

Traditional branch banks are usually very risk-averse and hesitant when it comes to lending. For this reason, it is better to contact an online bank right away. Before you decide on a provider, however, you should carry out a comparison on the Internet. This will tell you where to get the cheapest loan. Apart from low interest rates, flexible terms and reasonable monthly rates are of course also very important. Especially in parental leave, you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself financially, but plan all expenses carefully. With a cheap and advantageous loan, you manage to spend as little as possible and still fulfill all your wishes.

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