In a bad mortgage market, these are opportunities for lenders


Home listings increased, credit ratings improved and exploitable home equity increased in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the first quarter. These three areas represent an opportunity for lenders struggling with an extremely difficult mortgage market, Sales Boomerang said in its second quarter mortgage opportunity report.

Sales Boomerang reviewed data from over 170 residential mortgage lenders who use its platform to monitor millions of customer and prospect records. The mortgage technology company then calculated and compared the overall frequency with which these contact records triggered loan opportunity, normative scenario, and risk and retention alerts during the first and second quarters of 2022.

“New real estate listings and withdrawal alerts both increased in the second quarter, making home purchase and equity products smart investment areas for lenders as they prioritize resource allocation limited,” said Mike Spotten, executive vice president of product at Sales. Boomerang.

Of the total contacts monitored, approximately 1.44% of contacts were new sign-up alerts, up 69% from Q1. More than 4% of monitored contacts were credit enhancement alerts, an increase of more than 130% from the previous quarter.

The significant quarter-over-quarter increase shows that the overall financial situation of Americans has been improved by pandemic-related fiscal measures, including government stimulus payments, tax credits and moratoriums on student loans, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the second quarter saw a decline in mortgage application alerts, rate alerts, and rate and duration alerts, a predictable result at a time when interest rates are discouraging rate buying and refinancings.

The Mortgage Demand Alert was down 28.6% from the first quarter and the Rate Alert fell 40%. Rate and duration alerts also fell 49% in the second quarter compared to the previous quarter.

Due to rising interest rates, the value of mortgage servicing rights continues to grow. The report adds: Lenders must carefully weigh the pros and cons and potential impacts on the balance sheet of conserving versus selling mortgage servicing rights.

Last week, the volume of mortgage applications fell to its lowest level since 2000 due to a declining economic outlook, high inflation and affordability issues, Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) said.

According to MBA, overall mortgage origination in the United States is expected to fall more than 40% this year from 2021. Of the $2.4 trillion projected origination volume in 2022, only i.e. about 30% of total origination, should represent for réfis.


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