Mortgage Lab is hiring new advisors


Tauranga-based Mortgage Lab has added five additional advisors to its team.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 9:41 a.m.

Mortgage Lab has hired five new advisors since March, bringing its total staff to 26.

Managing Director Rupert Gough says most employees are new to the industry and have just completed their level five certification. They come from a variety of backgrounds but generally have a “passion for real estate” and in some cases may have worked in a consulting firm in an administrative capacity.

The new staff are in Manawatu, Hamilton and Rotorua, including two in Auckland.

Gough said the complexity of borrowing money these days is one reason for the increased need for more staff.

“If finance is really easy, people will just walk into a (banking) branch. But when finance is really tough, that’s when you need an advisor,” he said.

Gough was referring to waves of regulations that have swept the industry, such as the Consumer Credit Agreements and Finance Act (CCCFA).

These things made the whole process of borrowing money extremely complicated, which meant that ordinary borrowers often needed help.

“Actually, it’s a good time for mortgage advisers.”

The Mortgage Lab is a national group of advisors, headquartered in Tauranga. It has been around for six years.

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