The largest trimerge credit provider has a new name: Xactus


When UniversalCIS and Credit Plus merged last October to create the nation’s largest trimerge credit reporting providerexecutives of the combined company said a new brand would arrive in early 2022.

The new name, Xactus, comes with a tagline, “Advancing Modern Mortgage”.

They chose the root word, exact, because “our business is about precision, data and accuracy,” said Perry Steiner, president and CEO. “You have ‘we’, which is our partnership with our customers and our partnership with our employees.”

Using a word that starts with an X is also another unique feature. The new double X logo also brings the element of partnership.

“Looks like you should put an exclamation point at the end of the word,” Steiner exclaimed. “So all of those things, but the most important part was to be bold, to be innovative, to be different, and to challenge the status quo, and that’s what our brand stands for.”

The name UniversalCIS was itself a name change, combining the names of two companies brought together inthe second affair of the seven who created the current Xactus. But that didn’t describe what Steiner was seeking to accomplish through all the transactions.

“Our business is all about innovation,” he said. “And it’s about bringing together a full suite of verification solutions in a way that has never been brought together in the past.”

The company is working to integrate the various offerings into a comprehensive suite of verification solutions. And that’s why renaming is important and it’s not just a name change,” Steiner said. “It’s really a different approach to the industry and a different approach to our industry as a whole. “

Although the new corporate identity is effective immediately, Xactus plans to phase out all legacy brands except for that of the rating technology company SharperLending.

Operational reasons involving mortgage origination systems explain why these old names will not be retired overnight, Steiner explained.

While the component companies that now make up Xactus have been in business for 30 years or more (one company, Advantus, dates back 75 years), the new branding helps create a new internal mindset. Rather than refer to their old brands, employees now have “a flag to move forward…reflecting that what will make us successful in the future is not necessarily what made us successful in the past,” Steiner said.


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